Thursday, December 2, 2010

SiGN-Ups OPEN for Following Torrent TRackers (Hurry Up b4 they closes)

0Day Tracker:


SceneXpress[SeX](1st to 3rd every month):



The Dark Syndicate:


ACiD (Signup key :gefhmj):

Music Trackers:


eLearning/Grfx Tracker:

GFXnews (2nd to 4th DEC):

TV Shows Tracker:

TheBox(British TV Torrent Tracker):

Sunday, November 21, 2010

2 Private Torrent Trackers for our Turkey Friends here

Sign-up Link:

iNFO: Don't know.. by guessing they include English releases also !! But user interface is truly not english. Somehow guessed my path through for torrent list.

Don't forget to donate some invites !! :)

Thorbits [ThB] Private PREing Tracker Registration Open !!

Sign-up Link:

iNFO: Another PREing tracker better PREing time more torrents.Listed for TRACE [Torrent RACE].

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Merlin Sign-up for 1000 Users!! UFO Sci-Fi Torrent Tracker

Sign-up Link:

Registration iNFO:
iNSERT Key : ykrkbh

More iNFO:
Indexes 425+ active torrents
The torrents are movies, TV shows, soundtracks all related to the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. A few exclusive, unique torrents have also been indexed.
Merlin is operated by experienced crew who are responsible for running the successful ACiD tracker.
indexes movies, TV shows and music that belong to Science Fiction / Fantasy genres.

As of posting this , about 420 members - signups are open through IRC and email, address posted in Open-sign up's page.
Site may open doors to Open Signups in future.
User Limit is fixed to 15K members.
Staff aims to provide only the latest stuff in Sci-Fi genre - Music/movies are restricted to Sci-Fi only !!
A couple of quotes from the tracker site

To be eligible for invites the following Rules Must Be followed!

  1. You will have downloaded Something and seeded it 1:1
  2. Must been using the forums and becoming part of the community.
  3. Don't make asking for invites your first post-You have been warned.
  4. Then Its up to the Staff Member to give Extra Invites at their discretion.
  5. To request in posts post in this forum topic: Ask for extra invites here
* A Hit & Run here on ML is when you complete a torrent, stop it and do not return to seed within 24 hrs. This applies to all torrents whether they are free download torrents, ratio boosters, and special vip torrents, such as movie box sets etc... unless other wise stated by a staff member.
* You need to be active on every torrent you download for a minimum of 72 hrs (3 days) or, achieve a 1:1 ratio, unless the torrent is over 20 gb's in size. This means total time downloading and seeding.
* If the torrent is over 20GB's in size then we require that you be active on it for 120 hrs (5 days) or achieve a 1:1 ratio (Which ever comes first). This means total time downloading and seeding.

Something special about the tracker
Flash Game arcade System-You can troll there all day !!

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TheOccult Best Sci-Fi Supernatural Private Tracker Registration Open

Sign-up Link:

iNFO: is a tracker that specialises in Occult material only.
From their rules: "TheOccult came about to provide a community for like-minded adults to gather and share knowledge of the hidden."
The tracker is about 1 year old with oldest torrent from 02 Jan 2009 and oldest forum post made in december 2008. They track over 10.000 torrents.
TheOccult is a sister site of, and
Members get 2 invites every 20 days after they download more than 10GB and have a ratio greater than 1.05.
As soon as the user cont drops below 21000 there are open signups.
Ratio is pretty easy to mantain even if you have a slow connection. 

Something special about the tracker:

They have grup buys where everyone interested in a product can contribute and buy it along with other members.
Some of the content is exclusive(group buys and stuuf that is not found anywhere else) and can be downloaded only after a certain wait time.
The standard wait times are(they can vary):
right away: for the contributors
2 weeks: for VIP+
7 weeks: for PU+
never: for users
As of right now they track 166 exclusive torrents.

Don't forget to donate some invites !! :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

SeductionGR Private Torrent Tracker Registration Open

Sign-up Link :


Ur  Source to Seducing others (Not Porno Torrent).Contains Seductions Ebooks & Videos etc.

 Members: 8,110 of 8,500
Torrents: 5,771
Seeders: 3,176
Leechers: 638
Peers: 4,085
Threads: 3,162
Posts: 25,129
Total 2,093 user(s) who have under 1.0 global share ratio.
Global Internal Transfer Amounts: Total Uploaded: 108.78 TB / Total Downloaded: 57.05 TB

Don't forget to donate some invites!! :)